Mid Asian Ibex

(Capra Sibirica Alaiana)

Tajikistan is mostly known for its amazing mountains – the Pamir range better known as the roof of the world. It is hard to imagine this strange beauty. Only by travelling through these breathtaking mountain areas you can experience it.

There are no special requirements for the hunter’s physical form over the ordinary although the hunter must figure on climbing in mountainous terrain.

The base camp is located at 12000 ft. Here we stay at nights in cabins. To get the best trophy we may climb up to 15000 feet.
This area has unusually good trophies of Ibex.

Each hunter has his own guide to disposal and we move in the hunting area by feet and by horseback.

The tour will take 10 days, of which the hunt is 8 days. Hunting trips can be scheduled within the period of September to March.