Carpatian Chamois

This hunt takes place in the Fagaras Mountains in Romania. Here we hunt the Carpatian Chamois, which is the largest subspecies of the chamois. The world record, which scored 141.1 cic, from 1934 was hunted in this exact area.

The terrain extends from the forest boundary to high up in mountain, with the highest peak Moldoveanu Peak at 3800 feet. The accommodation will consist of hotels, and during the hunt we will live in hunting lodges or cabins in the mountains.

Each hunter has his very own guide to disposal.

The duration of the trip is 7 days which of 4 days are primarily for hunting. The area has a good population of chamois, and usually it is possible to shoot a good trophy within 2-3 days.
When the hunt is over there are opportunities for hunting wolf and wild boar.

There can also be organized excursion to Bran Castle (Dracula Castle) if desired.