Maral Stag

The hunt in Siberia is located in the western Sayan Mountains, south-east of Abakan. These mountains border to Mongolia in the south. Here the river Jenisej starts on its wonderful journey to the Arctic Ocean. At first, the rover flows westward before it heads to the north after the breakthrough of the Sayan Mountains.
It is a wonderful nature experience to travel to this mountain area where one of the world´s most fabled rivers has its headwaters.

The hunt takes place in mountain terrain (not alpine mountains) and there are no special requirements for the hunter’s physical form over the ordinary.

There are very good trophies of Maral stag, Ibex and brown bear in this area.

After arriving Abakan we travel further approx. 200 km (125 miles) by car. Then we use boat into the hunting ground (about 10 hours).

The hunt takes place in the river valley. Boats are used to search for hunting game. Each hunter has his own guide to disposal.

The hunt is scheduled for September/October. The duration of the trip is 12 days of which 8-10 days are primarily for hunting.