Yakutian Snow Sheep

(Ovis Nivicola Lydekkeri)

The Yakutian Snow Sheep population is to be found in the Yakutia area in Siberia from the Lena River eastward North of 62°N, including the Verkhoyansk, Chersk, Mom, Kolyma and other ranges. All of the sheep located in the Yakutia region are considered to be Yakutian Snow Sheep.

Each hunter has his own guide at his disposal. The hunt is done by stalking on foot. Accommodation is tent camps. There is a kitchen tent with a cook.

Each camp has 2-4 hunters. Some days of the hunt will be spent in fly camps with small tents.

The hunting season is in August and September. The duration of the trip is 10 days, whereas the hunt is 8 days.

Route for the trip: Moscow – Yakutsk with regular flights. Further transportation with helicopter approx. 2 hours from Yakutsk to the hunting camp.