Kamchatka Brown Bear

The ultimate experience for any hunter must be a bear hunt in the Kamchatka Peninsula. We have more than 25 years´ experience with successful tours.

The Kamchatka Brown Bear is the largest bear in the eastern hemisphere with a fantastic coat. A normal trophy is 8 ft.

At first, we fly to Petropavlovsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Then we are transported to the camp area by helicopter. There will be 8-10 hunters at each camp and every hunter will have his very own guide. We will be lodged in exclusive hunting cabins and snow scooters will be used to transport the hunters into the terrain.

The hunt is done by positioning or localization of bear from ridges and advancing, cutting off the bear´s escape route.

The duration of the trip is 10-12 days of which 7-8 days are primarily for hunting. The hunt is scheduled for April/May.